Frequently Asked Questions

UpdatedThursday July 1, 2021 byMontgomery Gray.

Q: Where is Montgomery Gray located?
A: Montgomery Gray Softball Complex is located at Buddy Watson Park, 1801 Taylor Road.

Q: My daughter has never played softball before. Does MG have a program for her?
A: Yes. Absolutely! Montgomery Gray seasons are a recreational season open to all girls, regardless of experience. It is designed to be instructional, educational, and fun!

Q: Which Division should my child play in?
A: Montgomery Gray - Age Divisions (Cut-Off Date is Aug.1st). For specific information, please see the 2021 DSI Age Chart
SweeTees (t-ball): Ages 4 - 6
Darlings (coach pitch): Ages 7 - 8
Angels: Ages 9 - 10
Ponytails: Ages 11 - 12
Belles: Ages 13 - 15
Debs: Ages 16 - 18

Q: When does Montgomery Gray's season start and end?
A: The season runs from early April to early May for Sweetees. Darlings, Angels, & Ponytails end in late May. Belles & Debs do not start until late-May and finish at the end of June.

Q: How often are practices, games?
A: On average, most teams practice twice a week and have two games a week.

Q: Can my daughter's friend be on my daughter's team for carpooling reasons?
A: Teams are formed by a draft process to ensure equal placement of players among teams. We cannot garuntee such an arrangement. In the SweeTees divison, we try to group girls with their friends/classmates if requested to make the experience more enjoyable.

Q: How do I register for Belles/Debs?
A: Either register online or complete a registration form - available at the concession area during the younger girls' season.

Q: Can my daughter play up a level?
A: This depends on the girl's skill level and must meet board and coaches' approval.

Q: Can my daughter play down a level?
A: No.

Q: What should my daughter bring to player evaluations?
A: Only a glove is required at player evaluations.

Q: What equipment is required to play?
A: The registration fee includes the player's jersey.  Each player will need to buy glove, pants, facemask, cleats, belt and socks.

Q: When are team pictures?
A: Team pictures are typically taken opening day (weather permitting).

Q: My daughter wants her ears pierced.  Is it better to wait until season is over?
A: If you are thinking about getting your daughter's ears pierced, Montgomery Gray recommends that you wait until after the season is over since the girls (all ages) cannot wear earrings during the games.

Q: Do you offer safety training?
A: Concussion training for parents and coaches is offered at this link.